the vibe behind it all - CEO of vibez & company.

Hi, I'm Oduey Uga better know as ODEEVIBEZ!

The CEO of

vibez & company.

I am Bostonian media and talent manager.

also known as Social Media Strategist, Creative Director, and Storyteller. I help brands tell their stories through engaging visual social content to grow their following, drive sales and create positive brand credibility. I love working with companies on their digital presence.

I’ve always had a passion for designing and being the voice for people. I am inspired by my business personally because I know there aren’t as many creative businesses yet as there may seem. Especially, ones that devote themselves to seeing their collaboratives grow their brand, to be something they always imagined or sometimes never thought it could be.

Living in Boston, I've been able to partner with entrepreneurs and musicians from around the world. With goals to continue to collab with more brands locally, in different communities I'm a part of, and globally across the world. Only 23 years young, yet I have extensive knowledge and been graphic designing for 10 years and have continue to grow with my designing skills as well with the clientele and projects I've partaken in. My favorite type of "digital design" would be video editing.

Every time I collab with someone to realize the potential ahead or reach goals and milestones for the next step in their endeavors it brings warmth. To myself, knowing they are one step closer and putting pieces together to be legendary, just as I am as well.